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mr.quickie_logoMr. QUICKIE was established by an entrepreneur named Emiliano R. Caruncho III in 1981. He is the oldest and the only male son of five girls of the former mayor of Pasig Mr. Emiliano Caruncho, Jr.  Before his own venture into entrepreneurship, Mr. Caruncho worked for his father in the construction company as an employee. There he learned quickly the ropes related to construction and likewise gained experience in management.

The opportunity of starting Mr. QUICKIE came from his own experiences. He discovered the need for shoes and bags repairers. At that time, shoe repairers were found mainly on the streets or near public markets. They are seen lugging around their box of tools peddling their shoe repair services to people on the streets.   These were the only people then who can repair your shoes. But Mr. Caruncho’s main concern was trust and craftsmanship. Can you trust these repairers with your expensive Bally shoes? Your Ferragamo shoes? Will their skill actually restore the quality of the shoe or make it worse? These are uncertainties that Mr. Caruncho encountered. And these factors likewise are applicable to other items like bags, luggage etc.

The need was evident and the idea was further reinforced by the Existence of shoe repair shops around Asia and Europe. The concept was not new but the idea to professionalize the industry was! The concept of shoes and bags repair shop with trustworthy people possessing exceptional shoe repair skills working to extend the life of your shoes was developed.   THUS, MR. QUICKIE WAS BORN!!

Mr. QUICKIE Franchising Corp. is the official franchising arm of Mr. QUICKIE. This company is in charge of evaluating prospective franchisees and the selling and awarding of Mr. QUICKIE franchises. This arm is headed my Mr. Caruncho’s son, Emiliano P. Caruncho IV as managing director.

Be a part of the Mr. QUICKIE family! Owning a Mr. QUICKIE Franchise is a winning investment. We are offering our turn-key franchise systems to qualified applicants.

Our franchise offers great financial returns and opportunities. We envision Mr. QUICKIE to be the number one service provider in the Philippines using the best available materials and utilizing excellent craftsmanship.

Mr. QUICKIE Franchise Program Details:


Franchise Fee:

  • Mr. QUICKIE Basic – PHp400,000.00
  • Mr. QUICKIE Plus – Php450,000.00

Cash Bond: Php25,000.00

Cost of Machinery:

  • Mr. QUICKIE Basic – Php1,000,000.00
  • Mr. QUICKIE Plus – Php1,100,000.00

(includes stitcher, finishing machine, sewing machine, key duplicating machine and rubber stamp)

Renovation Costs: Variable per Mall Requirement

Rental Requirements and Cost: depending on the agreement issued by the mall management (monthly rent, security deposit, advance rental and construction bond will all depend on mall management or negotiations with the mall)

Royalty Fee: 7% of Monthly Gross

Advertising Fee: 1% of Monthly Gross

Space Requirement: MQ Basic 10-15 sqm, MQ Plus 20-25 sqm

Franchise Term: 4 years


If you already retained a specific location or the location is currently under construction and you are already assured of a space or the space is ready for occupancy — proceed to Phase I.

If you don’t have a specific location at the moment, just send in your letter of intent and we will be happy to discuss with you the details. Or you can look through our list of pre-approved spaces. These are existing and available spaces that soon to open established malls and other commercial establishments are offering us. We have already done feasibility studies on these places and have judged them feasible and profitable for a Mr. QUICKIE outlet. Look through our list of areas too for places we are looking to have a franchise in.

Phase I

Start Doing Business with Us

1.  First obtain the Mr. QUICKIE Franchising Primer . This contains all the necessary information that you would need to start doing business with us. You can also download this primer from this site (link to download page) via an Adobe Acrobat file.

2.  Send a Letter of Intent with the vicinity map of the proposed site, including all necessary attachments to Mr. Jason C. Arcangel, Franchise Head, Mr.QUICKIE, Banner Street corner Danny Floro Street, Bagong-Ilog, Pasig City, Metro Manila or fax it to +(632) 6719541. Include in the letter why you feel your proposed site is a good location for a Mr. QUICKIE branch.

3.  After reviewing your Franchising Application Evaluation Form and your proposed site, we will then call you if you are qualified and a meeting for a preliminary interview shall be set.

The following shall be executed during the preliminary interview:

1. Discussion of the location of the prospective site. If the proposed site is a potential location for an MQ outlet then we will schedule the site for ocular inspection. If the proposed site is within Metro Manila and suburbs, the expenses to be incurred shall be shouldered by the franchiser. However, if the site is outside Metro Manila, overall expenses such as transportation and hotel accommodations shall be borne by the applicant. Approval or no-approval of the location will be determined within fifteen (15) days.

2. Accounting of the financial capabilities of the franchisee. In case the franchisee’s application is not approved, you shall be informed in writing. If approved, you shall be called on a scheduled date for a more detailed discussion on the overall operations of an MQ franchise. This includes, among others, the following:

  • Payment of prevailing rate for franchisee fee which is non-refundable because MQ shop operation trade secrets shall be divulged and discussed.
  • Review of franchise agreement which shall be submitted fifteen (15) days upon Receipt.
  • Full settlement of the franchise fee and full or partial payment (whatever has been pre-agreed) of the equipment cost entitles you to the final signing of the contract.

Phase II

Construction of the Shop

1.  The franchiser shall approve the designs and other specifications. Construction period depends on the type of shop the franchisee may opt to set up:

  • Counter Type – this requires an average floor area of 10 – 14 square meters. It does not provide for a customer waiting area. It takes 15 to 21 days to construct.
  • Parlor (walk-in) Type – this requires an average floor area of 15 – 20 square meters. It provides a front waiting area for 3 to 4 customers. It takes 21 to 30 days to construct.

2.  Mr. QUICKIE’s in-house design and engineer unit shall be responsible for approval of design and inspection during construction. This is done in cooperation with the franchisee’s contractor to ensure that the technical specifications are correctly followed. The franchisee have the choice of choosing their own designer or our Own resident designer (if available).

3.  Training of Personnel – The franchise shall provide free basic training to the franchisee and his initial personnel. The training allowance/compensation of the personnel shall be shouldered by the franchisee. The training will take 30 to 45 days.

4.  For a start-up operation, the franchisee will need one (1) cashier & one (1) repairman.

5.  Final inspection of the shop by the franchisee.

6.  Delivery of the equipment upon full payment of machines or receipt of post dated checks.

Phase III

Opening of the Shop

As part of the franchiser’s support to a new branch-shop and if required or requested by the franchisee, franchiser shall assign an opening team to guide the franchisee’s personnel within the first fifteen (15)days of operations. Your shop performance will then be evaluated by your designated franchise officer during your franchise term to assure that you are following the standards and procedures of your franchise business.

Contact Details of Mr. QUICKIE:

MR. QUICKIE (Head Office)
Mr. Quickie Corporate Office & Warehouse
280 Eusebio Avenue, Maybunga,
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Landline: (02) 671-9541 to 42 / 534-3492 / 650-9849
Customer Hotline: Globe +63917-88-78425(QUICK)
Smart +63949-99-78425(QUICK) / Sun +63925-88-78425(QUICK)
Facebook Page


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