Chow Meals Franchise

LogoChow Meals – Chow Meals Food Cart is a concept of Fabsuffrage, Inc. It offers a variety of Silog meals and Chow rice with different toppings. You will surely patronize and love the taste of there products if your a fan of chowking restaurant. Chow Meals starts there franchise at P99,000 with a complete set of equipment and comes with an initial inventory of products. They don’t have royalty fees and renewal fees which is very good for those first time to venture into the food business.

Chow Meals Food Cart Products:

  • Hotsilog – Hotdog, sinangag, itlog
  • Longsilog – longganisa, sinangag, itlog
  • Tapsilog – tapa, sinangag, itlog
  • Tosilog – tocino, sinangag, itlog
  • Beef Chow – Beef patty, Chow rice, Itlog
  • Spring roll Chow – Spring roll, Chow rice, Itlog
  • Siomai Chow – Siomai, Chow rice, Itlog
  • Nuggets Chow – Nuggets, Chow rice, Itlog

Chow Meals Franchise

Franchise Fee includes: 

  • Franchise Investment is P99,000
  • Complete Set of Heavy Duty Equipment 
  • 3,000 initial worth of products 
  • Hands-on training for Franchisee, Service staff
  • 2 Sets of Crew Uniform (T-shirt, apron, hairnet, Visor)
  • Marketing Materials  (Banner Ads and Flyers)
  • Video Training & Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing Manual & Inventory Kit 
  • Notarized Franchise Agreement



Contact Details:

What you should know before Franchising:

  1.  Make sure that you really want to start the business before proceeding to own this franchise – Passion and desire to venture into this kind of business.
  2. Carefully study the franchise agreement, Clause of the contract and terms, condition of the said franchise.
  3. Check the background of the company if they are following rules and regulations, as well as existing laws on the chosen location.
  4. Be certain that you can work harmoniously with the company and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise stores/outlets will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.
  5. Location is the secret of any business so make sure you have thoroughly surveyed the location for possible strategies and marketing promotions.

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