AquaBest Water Refilling Station Franchise

aquabest_logoAquabest is the premier water franchising concept of GQWEST Inc. Its fast-growing network of water refilling stations is continuing its nationwide expansion and has been recognized for franchising excellence numerous times by industry bodies and Entrepreneur Magazine.

At the heart of Aquabest’s success is the company’s commitment to the principles of Quality, Service, Value, and Technology. These principles ensure that our stores sell not just pure water but the best water possible due to the application of advanced technology and excellent customer care. The goal of Aquabest is to provide the best water and the best service not only for our customers but also to our franchisees.

One of the key’s to its success lies in the cutting edge water filtration technology it uses. Aquabest uses a combination of Tanwing Ozone, Reverse Osmosis, and its exclusive Grander Technology to ensure you get clean, safe, and healthy water. The Tanwing and Reverse Osmosis technology help eradicate almost all bacterial, chemical, and viral contaminants in the water, while the Grander Technology restructures the water to make it better and healthier.

How to Franchise AquaBest:

Investment will vary depending upon on various aspects:

  • Franchise or non franchise;
  • Location and size of your target market to estimate your projected production output;
  • The product water (pure, alkaline, mineral, oxygenated, etc.) you want to sell and its required machine.

Advantages of AquaBest Franchised Water Refilling Station:

  • Franchisee will be provided with continuous training to the Managers/Supervisors and Crews concerning the operations, marketing, and technical aspects of the business.
  • Franchised stores have developed a very aggressive marketing plan to help in achieving the maximum profitability of each franchisee.
  • Each franchisee is part of a collective marketing and promotional programs.
  • Franchisee is part of a larger chain thus giving your individual outlet recognition of strong presence.
  • They have readily available labels and other accessories.
  • Local and nationwide exposure thru advertisements, exhibits, show sponsorships, and other promotional tie-ups.
  • Special refill price among nearest franchisees in case of emergency and shortage of production.
  • Unique layout and design of stores exclusive for its franchisees.

Location and Target Market

While location is a factor in marketing the product, strategically it will make a difference if you will need to deliver the water to places where your customers are. An investment in delivery vans will contribute a great factor to reach your customers.

Product Water

Investment in machine would depend on the kind of water you want to sell. Pure water would need a Reverse Osmosis System, Alkaline and Oxygenated water requires a different set up of filtration process.

Contact Details of AquaBest:

GQWEST G/F, #883 Quezon Avenue,
Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Person: Lyn Gordon, Purchasing Manager
Phone: (02) 371-0478, 332-2222
Fax: (02) 332-1436
Email: /
Visit Website :


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