Manila Autogas Franchise

“Manila Autogas” was first started in 2005.  It is the brand name used for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) refilling and installation of conversion kits for vehicles.  It’s registered under the company Manila Autogas Enterprise Corporation.

Manila Autogas seeks to be the preferred LPG filler and auto-LPG kit installer in the country. They install kits to allow your car to run on either LPG or gasoline. They refill LPG automotive vehicles into LPG in stations throughout the city.

The installation of an LPG kit will allow the use of either LPG or gasoline as fuel for the engine. With a flick of a switch, the driver may to choose which fuel to use. Any internal combustion engine running on gasoline can be fitted with the appropriate LPG kit to run efficiently on LPG.

Benefits in converting your car to run on “autogas”:


  • Half the maintenance cost
  • About P15/liter savings in fuel costs
  • Less carbon deposit due to its complete burning property, thus extended engine life


  • Minimal impurities in LPG for cleaner exhaust emission


  • The LPG Kit is designed many times safer than gasoline facilities.
  • While leaks are less likely, should they occur they would immediately evaporate harmlessly into the air.
  • Gasoline leaks would form dangerous combustible puddles.

How to Franchise Manila Autogas:

Franchise Fee :  Call

  • Total Investment :   Php5 Million to Php10 Million (depending on the size of the property)

Manila Autogas Franchise Package Inclusions:

  • Turn key
  • Use of trade name and logo
  • Training
  • Building and store
  • Pumps and tanks
  • Store Design
  • Pre-opening assistance

Terms of Franchise: 5 years
Renewal: Subject to the franchised outlet`s performance
Royalty fee: None
Advertising fee: None

Contact Details of Manila Autogas:

19 C5 Road, Pasig City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact Person:
Jerome Gutierrez, Chief Executive Officer
Tony Moran, Chief Operations Officer
Telefax: (02) 925-3646; (02) 672-3916
Facebook Page :

Things to consider before Franchising

  1.  Make sure that you really want to start the business before proceeding to own this franchise – Passion and desire to venture into this kind of business.
  2. Carefully study the franchise agreement, Clause of the contract and terms, condition of the said franchise.
  3. Check the background of the company if they are following rules and regulations, as well as existing laws on the chosen location.
  4. Be certain that you can work harmoniously with the company and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise stores/outlets will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.
  5. Location is the secret of any business so make sure you have thoroughly surveyed the location for possible strategies and marketing promotions.


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