Ministop Convenience Store Franchise

The Ministop franchise is a 24 hour convenience store located practically everywhere and even then, their number of branches still continue to grow. More and more people are searching for 24 hour convenience stores now especially those who are in the graveyard shift wherein most stores are closed.  Ministop provides high-quality of assorted merchandise, from ready-to-eat food to products found in the grocery.

Ministop originally came from Japan and has made its way to the Philippines in December 2000 and since then the franchise grew in numbers. Customers flocked in to try the products of Ministop and through the years have gained a loyal customer base because of their high standards and quality that suits the Filipino taste.

The Ministop Franchise is open to interested parties.   Here are key advantages of owning a franchise:

  • Ministop is continuously expanding the convenience store chain with groceries and ready-to-eat products
  • Ministop’s profit-sharing model allows franchisees to earn more as they sell more
  • Ministop stores are equipped with computers to facilitate the quick and efficient exchange of data
  • Stocks are rapidly available within 24 hours or less from distribution centers which provide daily delivery requirements
  • Ministop provides full marketing support by constantly engaging in promotions and merchandising activities
  • Ministop provides store operations the necessary support system which includes training programs, marketing and manpower assistance, 24-hour call service center for repairs and maintenance and other daily operational concerns

That must have gotten your attention. Now, do you want to franchise Ministop?  In order to become a franchisee, you must evaluate yourself first. Make sure that the statements next will best suit you:

  • You must have an entrepreneurial mindset, always seeing past the trends and predicting the possibilities to make moves for the future of the franchise and to do that you must be passionate and driven to achieve excellence.
  • It is also important that you as a franchisee must have time to devote to manage 24/7 retail operations, which means there is the possibility that you would be up early morning or late at night managing the store operations.
  • The franchisee must be capable of financing the franchise investment and is willing to abide Ministop’s standards, policies and procedures.
  • No shortcuts and always wanting to give 100% for customer satisfaction.


If you think you are the one being described above then the next step is to proceed and attend the Ministop franchise presentation to have an in-depth understanding how Ministop works.  Next is to attend the interview with the area franchise manager.  Think of it as a job interview, every company would like to know more about the person who would like to represent their brand name.  After that, Ministop will conduct an ocular visit and prepare a feasibility study regarding the proposed location of the store.

The franchisee should submit a letter of intent and once approved, both parties will sign the franchise agreement letter and attend the introduction meeting with the Ministop executives.  Pay the franchise fee then attend the franchisee training module.  Once those tasks are done, the franchisee must submit the business permits with licenses together with the relevant documents.  And there you go, you may now open your very own Ministop store! It sounds like a lot to do but rest assured that everything is worth it.

Initial investment ranges from 1,000,000 pesos to 3,000,000 pesos depending on what package you are interested in availing, how big the location is and how much the rental fees are.  Ministop chooses the location of the site although the franchisee may suggest a location but it will undergo a feasibility study first.  Ministop suggests an area of 100 square meters located near offices, condominiums, universities, hospitals, residential areas and main roads with high pedestrian foot traffic or beside tricycle, jeep or bus terminals.  The contract length is 10 years with a projected return of investment of 3 years to 4 years.

Franchise Fee is P600,000, and the total investment can reach P3 Million and above, depends on the store size and layout.

What’s the expected ROI? According to Ministop, it’s between 24 to 36 months.

Stats update: As of Jan. 2018, there are approx. 600 Ministop branches in the Philippines.

Contact Details

For more information regarding the Ministop franchise, you may contact them through any of their contact details below:





Phone Nos.: (02)280-5763, (02)640-2817, (02)637-9956

Telefax No.: (02)642-8765

Fax No.: (02)640-2819

Mobile Nos.: 0922-878-0629, 0922-537-7120

Address: 401 F. Legaspi St., Maybunga, Pasig City, Philippines

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