Fiorgelato Franchise

fiorgelatoFiorgelato was first established in 1989 under a Filipino-Italian business venture, Milkin Corporation.  The Company started as Designer’s Ice Cream Manufacturing Company created to formulate tailored ice cream products. This specially prepared ice cream catered well-known restaurants, hotels, and food chains in a “Private Labeling” arrangement.

Within the same year, the company was also granted exclusive rights from Italy to manufacture, sell and distribute FIORGELATO “The Pure Italian Ice Cream” for the Philippine market. It created a big following from the AB market, which made FIORGELATO “The Ice Cream of the Elite”.

September 1994, paved the way for the rebirth of Fiorgelato, under a new management, thus bringing back the Original Authentic Italian Ice Cream, which is famous for being the only ice cream made from 100% pure fresh milk and with the highest quality of imported ingredients from Italy.

Presently, the company has penetrated various institutions like schools, exhibit halls, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bake shops, office lounges and scooping stations. Through this, Designer’s Ice Cream Company has gained continuous acceptance from its previous clients and now receiving positive responses from its new food & restaurant outlets. And because of this, the Company produces nothing but the best “Premium – Quality Ice Cream”.

Milkin Corporation aims to strengthen its presence in the market through its existing franchise network. The company has effectively established its Scooping Counters as a scheme of its Franchise Program. Fiorgelato’s expansion program through its franchising business paves the way for interested entrepreneurs to have their own business and be a FIORGELATO Franchisee by selling FIORGELATO “The Pure Italian Ice Cream”.  They are offering you to be a part of our Fiorgelato Franchise Program by becoming a franchisee, an investment that offers new opportunities and good financial return. They are inviting interested entrepreneurs who have the following capabilities to be a part of FIORGELATO family .

How to Franchise Fiorgelato:

Fiorgelato “KIOSK” Package

  • Ideal for malls, food courts, supermarket lobbies, offices lounges and other functional areas.
  • Area requirement: 3.0 to 5.0 sqm.
  • Minimal franchise fee

Included are the following:

  • (1)  unit of  Fiorgelato freezer
  • (1)  set of counter with cabinet casing
  • (1)  set of Glass canopy
  • (1)  set of Fiorgelato lighted sign
  • (12) pieces of Tubs (Ice Cream containers) with aluminum casing
  • (1)  set menu board with beam
  • (4) pcs. Fiorgelato uniform with logo
  • (1)  set of merchandising materials: (1)poster standee, (2)container jars, (1)tissue holder,  (2)ice cream scoops, (1)set flavor standee

Fiorgelato “COUNTER” Package

  • Ideal for malls and food alleys
  • Area requirement: l0sqm. to 15sqm.
  • With 4 sets of tables and chairs
  • Serves different products like coffee, affogato, ice cream concoctions and etc.
  • Minimal franchise fee

Included are the following:

  • (1)  unit of  Fiorgelato freezer
  • (1)  set of Glass Canopy
  • (1)  set of Counter Drawer
  • (1)  set of Fiorgelato Lighted Sign
  • (12) pieces of Tubs (Ice Cream containers) with Aluminum Casing
  • (1)  set Menuboard
  • (4) pcs. Fiorgelato uniform with logo
  • (1)  set of merchandising materials: (1)poster standee, (3)container jars, (1)tissue holder, (2)ice cream scoops, (1)set of flavor standee
  • (2)  pcs. of Tables
  • (8)  pcs. of Chairs
  • (1)  set of Back Cabinet with Sink
  • (1)  unit of Personal Refrigerator
  • (1)  unit of Back – up Freezer
  • (2)  unit of Blender
  • (2)  sets of Railings

Fiorgelato – FiorCafe ( “CO – BRAND” )

  • Ideal for malls and food alleys
  • Area requirement: 15sqm. to 20sqm.
  • With 4 pcs of tables & 16 chairs
  • Serves different products like gourmet coffee, affogato, concoctions, pasta, pastries and etc.
  • Minimal franchise fee

Included are the following:

  • (1) unit of Fiorgelato Freezer
  • (1) set of Glass Canopy
  • (1) set of Fiorgelato or Fiorcafe Logo and Name Lighted Sign
  • (12) pcs. of Tubs / gallons (Ice Cream Containers) with Aluminum Casing
  • (1) set of Menuboard with Beam
  • (6) pcs. of Co – Branding Uniform
  • (1) set of Merchandising Materials
  • (4) pcs. of Tables
  • (16) pcs. of Chairs
  • (1) set of Cabinet with Sink and Drawers
  • (2) unit of Blender
  • (2) sets of Railings with Post and Logo Sign
  • (1) set of Smallwares
  • (1) unit of Espresso Machine
  • (1) unit of Coffee Grinder
  • (1) unit of Coffee Brewer with Double Decanter
  • (1) unit of Waterpump for Espresso Machine
  • (1) unit of Milk Thermometer
  • (1) unit of Display Chiller
  • (1) unit of Oven Toaster
  • (1) unit of Microwave
  • (1) unit of Two Door Worktop Chiller

For all packages 70% down payment upon signing of the contract. FULLPAYMENT shall be given upon set-up.


  • Franchisor will deliver the products at the specified site/location of the outlet or as agreed upon.
  • Lead time of five (5) days for delivery upon order.
  • Only products from the Franchisor are allowed to be displayed and sold at the cart.


  • The Term of the Franchise agreement shall be (5) years commencing from the date of the signing of the Agreement contract. For renewal of the franchise, franchisee has to pay only 30% of the franchise fee which is good for another 5 years.


  • Letter of Intent
  • Comprehensive resume with 2 passport size picture
  • Vicinity map / sketch of the proposed site (photos)

Contact Details of Fiorgelato:

Franchising & Institutional Division
Milkin Corporation
1263 Gen. Luna St., Ermita
Manila, Philippines
Telephone: +63(02) 524-0384
Fax: +63(02) 524-0385
Email: /

Things to consider before Franchising

  1.  Make sure that you really want to start the business before proceeding to own this franchise – Passion and desire to venture into this kind of business.
  2. Carefully study the franchise agreement, Clause of the contract and terms, condition of the said franchise.
  3. Check the background of the company if they are following rules and regulations, as well as existing laws on the chosen location.
  4. Be certain that you can work harmoniously with the company and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise stores/outlets will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.
  5. Location is the secret of any business so make sure you have thoroughly surveyed the location for possible strategies and marketing promotions.


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