Are you one of those who can’t log in to my.sss website and says the wrong password? locked out of your My.SSS account? Learn how to reset your password here!

  1. Go to our official website
  2. Go to the My.SSS login page and select what type of
    account you wish to reset
  3. Click on the link: Forgot User ID or Password?
  4. Type-in your CRN or SS Number then enter the captcha/image as it is shown, then click “Submit”

    For Employers (ER)/
    Household Employers (HR): Enter your ER/HR Number and the captcha/image as it is shown, then click “Submit”

  5. Log-in to your registered email address, open the email from SSS, then click the activation link “click here”
  6. You will be directed to the SSS website for you to assign and confirm your New Password.

Note: If ER has branch/branches, the system will require the entry of the User ID of the particular branch whose My.SSS account password will be reset.

*Procedures are applicable for those whose email address used during SSS Web registration is still active/working.




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