Figaro Coffee Shop Franchise

figaro logoFounded in 1993, way before all these major coffee chains were present in Manila, a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts got together and dreamt of a cafe where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates, a relaxing place which fulfilled their demanding taste for great coffee, delicious pastries, and excellent service. This dream developed into a concept and soon the concept became Figaro Coffee.

The name FIGARO was thought of by the directors as an idea to complete the Italian/European concept. They wanted to come up with a name that is widely recognized but not commercially and commonly used. The “Opera: Barber of Seville” has the song “Figaro” which popularized the name, thus Figaro was born.

On its debut in November 1993, with a managing partner and two (2) employees, the first kiosk was born in the Glorietta mall of the Ayala Center, Makati. This kiosk was mysteriously called the “F” store. It was the first of its kind. The outlet had all the coffee and tea paraphernalia, sold freshly roasted coffee beans, and was the first to introduce flavored coffee beans in the Philippines. While the coffee market was not yet mature at the time and people were skeptical, the brand drew a following and soon enough, built its own customer base and loyal customers. People loved the European café concept, delicious coffee, excellent service, and affordable prices.

Through the years, more and more Figaro Coffee outlets opened throughout the metro as the company perfected its franchise business model and systems. Championing local Barako coffee, Figaro has also become the epitome of what a world-class global homegrown Filipino brand can become.

Now with over 90 outlets worldwide, Figaro continues to strive for excellence through stability, customer service, and top-notch quality and value for money.

Figaro Coffee Menu:

Premium Coffee, Restaurant, Supplier, Retail Supermarket

Franchise Fee includes:

Franchise Fee: Php 600,000
Total Investment: Php 3.2 Million
Space Requirement: 15-20 sqm

Franchise Fee: Php 900,000
Total Investment: Php 5.5 Million
Space Requirement: 20-40 sqm

Franchise Fee: Php 1.5 Million
Total Investment: Php 7 Million
Space Requirement: 60-80 sqm

Why Figaro Coffee?

Being the No. 1 Filipino coffee brand, we take coffee quality very seriously. To ensure our customers are always served top-quality coffee, we roast our coffee EVERY WEEK in our Roasting Facility in Metro Manila. The coffee is then delivered straight away to every Figaro Coffee branch. NO long-time warehousing, NO importing roasted coffee, NO using broken or old green beans. Every batch of coffee goes through strict Quality Assurance to ensure customers are served the highest quality coffee each and every time.

To cater to the different taste preferences, Figaro offers a wide selection of flavoured coffees. We recommend you try them all to encounter the unique delight each has to offer.

Our beans are roasted and packed just before they reach our shelves:

  • Colombia Supremo is a coffee grading term in Colombia which refers to the highest grade Colombian coffee as well as the large size of this type of coffee bean. It is medium-bodied, sweet, with a rich flavor and aroma. Perfect for your everyday cup as well as special occasions, you can never go wrong with this specialty single-origin coffee
  • Home Reserve – Smooth and Refined, you can take all day.
  • Barako Blend – In this enthralling blend, the exquisite charm of Arabica tempers the full, almost alcoholic, winey kick of the Barako. Drink in both flavor and aroma of this blend, it delivers an experience unlike any other.
  • Espresso Blend our version of the perfect Espresso is one that is bold and smooth yet also having a lingering and sweet after-taste without any of the bitter pungent flavors you get from old, stale, and over-roasted coffee. Perfect as a straight espresso or mixed with steamed milk for tasty lattes or cappuccinos, this Espresso Blend is like no other.
  • Ethiopia Guji Shakiso is the birthplace of coffee and this particular coffee comes from the Southern Guji zone of Shakiso. This coffee has been receiving a huge amount of attention in the international coffee industry for good reason, mainly due to its distinct tea-like flavor notes which have hints of syrupy marmalade, peach, and watermelon. In addition, Guji Shakiso is bright and smooth with upscale mouthfeel. The perfect word to describe this coffee is balance. Excellent for pour-over, french press, or even espresso, this specialty single origin is a Must-Try.

Contact Details:

What you should know before Franchising:

  1.  Make sure that you really want to start the business before proceeding to own this franchise – Passion and desire to venture into this kind of business.
  2. Carefully study the franchise agreement, Clause of the contract and terms, condition of the said franchise.
  3. Check the background of the company if they are following rules and regulations, as well as existing laws on the chosen location.
  4. Be certain that you can work harmoniously with the company and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise stores/outlets will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.
  5. Location is the secret of any business so make sure you have thoroughly surveyed the location for possible strategies and marketing promotions.

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