Starting a Business: How to make Herbal Soap: Akapulo and Guava

Herbal soap contains natural ingredients like essential oils, juice or extract, vitamins from medicinal plants.



  • Glass or cup – P269.00
  • Mortar and pestle – P200.00
  • Plastic pail (16L capacity) – P220.00
  • Cheesecloth or strainer – P30.00
  • Wooden ladle or bamboo sticks – P25.00
  • Knife – P140.00
  • Chopping board – P190.00
  • Cooking pot (preferably made of clay, enamel, stainless, or glass) – P1,600.00
  • Stove – P1,000.00
  • Plastic molders – P875.00
  • TOTAL = P4,549.00

Materials / Ingredients

  • Caustic Soda (NaOH) 1 glass or 250ml – P11.00
  • Acapulco or guava 3 glasses – P20.00
  • Cooking oil 5 glasses – P92.00
  • Coloring powder (optional) – P10.00
  • TOTAL = P133.00

Preparation of a Decoction: (Akapulko and Guava Soap)

  • Wash the leaves thoroughly and chop or cut in small pieces
  • Measure 1 glass of chopped fresh leaves and 2 glasses of water
  • Let it boil for 15 minutes (start timing when the water starts to boil)
  • Remove from fire and strain the leaves in a cheesecloth. Set aside and let it cool


  1. Measure 1 glass of caustic soda and 3 glasses of Acapulco or guava decoction and pout into a plastic pail
  2. Mix well by stirring continuously using a wooden ladle or bamboo stick. Use only one direction when stirring.
  3. Stir until the caustic soda is dissolved
  4. Pour cooking oil into the mixture
  5. Continue stirring until a consistency similar to condensed milk is achieved
  6. Pour the soap mixture into desired plastic molders. Set aside and let it cool to harden
  7. After 4-5 hours, remove the soap from the molder
  8. Allow 30 days to ageing before packing
  9. Label the soaps



  • Acapulco leaves – anti-fungal
  • Guava leaves – antiseptic for wounds


Product Costing

  • Direct Cost
    • Raw Materials – P133.00
    • Labor cost/ 5 times /formulation/day – P76.40
    • Water and Electricity – P50.00
    • Total Direct Cost – P259.40
  • Indirect Cost
    • Transportation Cost – P100.00
    • Total Indirect Cost – P100.00

*May vary depending on the distance between the area of business operation and source of raw materials and/or market area.

  • Production Cost
    • Total Direct Cost – P259.40
    • Add: Indirect Cost – P100.00
    • Estimated Production Cost – P359.40

*Finished product will result in 15 bars of soap 130 grams/bar

  • Production cost per 130 grams of soap – P24.00
  • Add: 20% mark-up of the production cost – P4.80
  • Estimated Selling price/ 130 grams soap – P28.80
  • Market Price per Piece = P30.00

*If the price per 130 grams of soap is lower compared with the existing market price, increase the mark-up to 30% or more. The higher, the mark-up the higher the profit margin.

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