Ice Cream Deluxe Franchise

ice cream deluxeIce cream is one of the most favorite sweets on the planet. It is made with sweetened frozen dairy products (milk and cream) and often eaten as dessert or snacks, both in hot and cold countries. Ice cream can be served and enjoyed in dishes, in a cup for eating with a spoon, or in cones.
Ice Cream Deluxe is a food cart concept serving smooth ice cream in cones, in cups, including ice cream floats. They offer an exciting Franchise opportunity in the Philippines, with

For a starting fee of 249,000, you can now start your own Ice Cream Food Cart though Ice Cream Deluxe!

Franchise Fee includes:

  • Use of Trade name and Proprietary marks
  • Site Approval and assistance
  • Hands-on training for Franchisee, Service staff
  • Marketing assistance
  • Continuous research and development
  • Continuous site visit and guidance

Ice Cream Deluxe Franchise

Other Information:

  • Franchise Term is 1 year and its renewable without fee
  • Total Investment is P249,000
  • Required space must be at least 1.5-2 sqm
  • The location must be available upon signing the franchise agreement

Ice Cream Deluxe Advantages:

  • Easy to operate with continuous guidance and product development
  • Low capital investment with less than 6-8 months ROI
  • No royalty fee, No Renewal fee, No Advertising fee
  • Well known brand, Proven and tested products

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Contact Details:

If you need more information regarding Star Frappe’ Cafe Franchise, you may contact them through there contact details below.


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