Photo Credit to Alfamart

Alfamart Franchise Details

One of the top convenience stores in the nation is Alfamart. It opened new locations left and right in the Philippines as a franchising company. As a result, it is now a well-known brand among Filipinos.

Convenience stores were Djoko Susanto’s initial line of business. He gave it the moniker Alfa Minimart in 1989. The six-year period demonstrated the company’s explosive growth. In Indonesia, there were 1,000 new stores that had opened.

Photo Credit to Alfamart
Photo Credit to Alfamart

Alfamart Franchise Fee

Php 155,000

Alfamart’s investment includes store equipment and the installation of electric and air conditioners. Also, it provides store permission, signage, a retail information system, and marketing collateral. Plus, it includes assistance during the pre-opening and opening a new branch.

How to Franchise Alfamart

To be an Alfamart franchisee, you must present a location proposal. You must acquire a lot size of 150 to 250 square meters to be converted into an Alfamart store. Also, you must consider the target market of the store.

In addition, it is best if you become awarded by one of the existing franchisee owners of Alfamart stores.

Alfamart Franchising Business Reminders

Alfamart’s franchise term agreement is relatively short. It lasts for 5 years only. Furthermore, the company highly advises stable finances to maintain the store’s funds.

Contact Details

Address: 10th Floor, One E-Com Center Harbor Drive, MOA Complex, Pasay City 1300

Website: or


Landline: (02) 857-0100

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