Koomi Franchise Details

It’s not unexpected that many people appreciate the natural drink yogurt from Koomi given the oppressive heat in the nation. It has a wide range of tasty, fresh ingredients. You can say that you hold the best of both worlds in your hands. A healthy yet delightful substitute for milk tea, indulge and sate your need while enjoying the health advantages to decrease guilt.

Koomi was developed in Thailand after being created in Australia and is currently sold in the Philippines. This makes it the ideal fusion of Aussie and Pinoy. Together with a creamy and sweeter mouthfeel, the natural sourness. Therefore, it is better suited to the Filipino palette. It now has more than 40 retail branches across the nation. So it keeps providing everyone with its nourishing, guilt-free sweetness.


Credit to Koomi

Koomi Franchise Fee

Php 150,000 to 200,000

How to Franchise Koomi

Step 1: Check the official website of Koomi

Get your franchise from here www.koomi.ph. Then, provide all the information needed.

Step 2: Video conference

A Koomi representative will discuss all the relevant details for the Koomi franchise.

Step 3: Visit Koomi

Drop by and observe what goes on in Koomi. Then, learn more about what you need to prepare for a new franchise.

Step 4: Location search and market visit

Prepare your proposal with the location. Indicate the target market as the executives will look into these.

Step 5: Ready the documents

A Letter of Intent is a must-have. Also, communicate with your contacts to push through with your franchising business.

Step 6: Contract signing

Once everything is clear and approved, sign the Koomi franchise contract. Make sure to understand all the terms and conditions that come with it.

Contact Details

Address: Unit 3203 Antel Global Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City, 1605

Website: http://www.koomi.ph

Email: franchise@koomi.ph

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